Washing Machine Wars – Episode II: Active Dad Strikes Back

To quote Bill Murray from Ghostbusters, “We came; we saw; we kicked its [butt].” This is a family-friendly blog, but if you really are interested in the origin of this quote, follow the link below. **Warning: do this without the kids in listening range.**

Not to be defeated by a mere appliance, active dad decided to take matters into his own hands and attempted to repair the maligned washing machine himself. I am proud to announce that I have emerged victorious (for the time being, anyway) as the machine has completed a full cycle since the problems began. Thanks, in part, goes to Dr. Google, YouTube, other despondent Maytag owners, and the wife who was willing to risk it all by letting me tinker with the machine. (Side note: We had pretty much written the machine off, so it really wasn’t much of a risk.)

I discovered that a nut that held part of the pulley system in place under the unit had detached, thus causing the pulley belt to fall off, which enabled the aforementioned demonic possession. Well, as a result of some astute detective work (the nut was lying on the floor – awesome skills, I know), excellent handyman skills, and two attempts (first attempt intentionally not discussed), the machine appears to be back in working order… And that’s a good thing because the towels that had been sitting in there wet for the last several days were smelling something fierce.

Sept 20 2013 030

Sept 20 2013 032

Not to be left out, Clare decided she needed to help!

Sept 20 2013 039

Notice how she brought her food in with her!

And then we celebrated our sweet victory with some PB&J.

Sept 20 2013 045

On a final note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the appliance repairman for not returning either of the two calls I made to his company. I appreciate you not wanting to take my money needlessly and thus saving me the $200 – $400. Thank you.

Until next time – Chris (active dad at home)

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