Why Does the Turkey Taste Better After Being Dropped on the Floor?

The post title asks the question I have now asked Clare (age 1) several times this past week. Of course, she is being stubborn and refusing to answer. So, maybe you can help me. Does anyone know why sliced turkey (and many other staple meal items) are seemingly inedible when on the high chair tray, but suddenly become delicious after they have been thrown onto the kitchen floor?

Lunch today was a classic example. After putting her in her high chair, I gave her turkey and graham crackers. After a fit of baby rage (the poor turkey breast did not deserve such verbal abuse), she tossed her entire lunch on the floor and then turned her angst at me. I let her sit there and pout for a few minutes before letting her back down from the high chair.

She immediately proceeded to pick up and eat right off the floor most of what I had given her. So, what is it about my kitchen floor that makes her lunch so much more appetizing? Is it the open window fresh scent from my Swiffer Bissell Steamboost (which I swear by, by the way)? I do keep my floors very clean, so don’t think I am endangering my child here. But, I would like to know why she is suddenly so averse to eating the conventional way.

dec 2 2013 005

Medical Update

I had surgery to remove part of my torn meniscus last Tuesday. I’m doing a pretty good job of not letting it keep me down, though I have certainly been limited in some areas. The wife deserves a world of credit for taking over all duties as it relates to the kids and the house. She has also burned (and continues to burn) a lot of vacation days to stay with me and the babies during my recovery. You’re the best, babe!

So, a few things to note about the surgery and recovery process. I was never a competitive swimmer nor had any other reason to shave my legs, so having my right leg shaved about six inches above and below my knee has been an awkward experience. The leg hair stubble being the oddest of all. It feels very weird and uncomfortable to rub against the grain. A couple days after the surgery, the wife was rubbing my leg below the knee and I told her to stop because it was making my skin crawl. Probably TMI, I know.

The crutches are the other item worth mentioning. Not so much regarding their intended purpose, but instead in how they have become a new toy for the kids – Cameron (6) in particular. Apparently, “Where Can I Hide Dad’s Crutches?” has become a popular game, as has “Who Can Find the Most Creative Use for the Crutches.” Cam has already used them to build a fort and to pretend he has a rocket launcher.

Again, in a house full of toys and electronics, the inanimate objects become the best toys. See my previous post for other examples.

My Kid Did What?!?

I’ll leave you with a final zinger for the day. We received an email from Cam’s teacher to inform us that Cam cut his shoes while they were making Advent wreaths at school. When he got home, I examined the evidence and asked him why he did this. “I don’t know” was the response, of course. Mmmmk.

dec 2 2013 023

Until next time – Chris (active dad at home)

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