This is How I Do Friday Nights

It was another rockin’ Friday night in the active dad household. Cameron got the hook-up with Ninjago Lego sets for Christmas, so I promised him that we would start knocking them out this weekend.

It quickly turned into a family affair, which basically meant I was building all the individual sets (Samurai X, the Temple of Light, and the Golden Ninja) while I had four kids climbing on top of me and each other, wanting to “help.” The process would not have been so painful, had Cam decided not to open all the boxes and dump all of the thousands of individual lego pieces into one big pile, which I then had to re-sort in an effort to keep my rapidly slipping sanity.


But, eventually we established a system where I continued to build while I sent the kids to scour the house looking for missing pieces. This was effective only in getting them to stop climbing on top of me and fighting with each other, but, for the most part, it was still me who ended up crawling around on the floor (or chasing down Clare) in search of dropped, lost, or “ninja-ed” pieces.

Of course, Grayson (apparently) managed to get to the built sets when we weren’t looking and dismantled the Temple of Light. So, after I got done cursing about it (away from the kids, of course), I rebuilt it again. Hey, at least it went faster the second time.

Sorry Parents, No Place is Sacred

I was wasting time on Facebook yesterday morning and came across this image from a post from Truer words have never been written.

they will find you

The full post can be found here: Bathroom Privacy… Bwahahaha!!!

So, why is it that whenever we as parents decide to use the bathroom, all heck breaks loose? It happens every time, without fail. Someone always comes banging on the door, turning the knob, screaming at a sibling or you about something. No matter what it is, the kid needs you RIGHT NOW and there is always someone screaming, crying, bleeding, puking, losing a diaper, or some combination of them all.

The bathroom used to be a sanctuary. Not so much anymore.

Is it Just a Number?

Active dad hit the big “35” today. Alexis made it a point to tell me that my age now rounds up to 40. Thanks, hon. At least I know that the money we are spending on her education is going to good use.

We had a family party at my parents’ last night where my dad decided we should all reminisce by watching the original Muppet’s movie, which was released the year I was born. I took his word for it and hid in the other room. We did play a rockin’ game of charades with the kids. Does active dad know how to live it up or what?

We did enjoy a delicious dinner and cake (thanks mom). Some of us enjoyed it more than others.

Jan 27 2014 080

Jan 27 2014 072

Until next time – Chris (active dad at home)

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