I Hope You Enjoyed Your Childhood. Now, Pay Up!

Exciting news! Although he’s only three, Grayson is already showing potential for a promising career in science.

A couple weeks ago, he decided to conduct an experiment to see how well my 51″ plasma TV would hold up when struck repeatedly by a flying sippy cup. His experiment had a very conclusive result. TVs, in fact, do not hold up well when having sippy cups thrown at them. His findings showed, with little margin of error, that doing so results in premature death of the TV.

For his next experiment, he decided to test the longevity of our Kindle Fire under harsh impact conditions. Specifically, he tested the Kindle Fire’s natural reaction to being dropped on the hardwood floor. Again, the results were conclusive. The shattered screen corresponded directly to the height from which the unit was dropped.

His findings also suggest that an increase in broken electronics correlates to a decrease in checking account funds. I told you, he has scientist written all over him.

My mom had a terrific suggestion. Keep a record of everything he breaks throughout his childhood and give him an invoice when it’s over. Brilliant! Congratulations on graduating childhood. I hope you enjoyed your stay. Now, here’s your bill. The amount can be paid in full or, more likely, in installments throughout your adult life.

May 2 2014 035

The Birthday Girl

May is national birthday month in our house as three of the four kids have birthdays in May. Alexis, my oldest, is up first. This morning, while riding in the minivan on the way to school, she demonstrated her gifted ability to turn a compliment of someone else into a compliment of herself.

Clare, who turns two in May, was singing along to nothing in particular as she often does. Cameron, turning seven in May, commented that Clare was cute. Alexis wasted no time adding her two cents. “She’s just like her big sister. She’s cute. She’s sweet, and she has great taste.”

Apr 22 2014 111

Until next time – Chris

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