About Active Dad

I’m a father of four and recently turned stay-at-home dad. After 10 years in the IT industry as a technical writer, business education trainer, and manager, I decided to put that part of my life on hold and focus on my other full-time job – parenting.

Follow me through my adventures in perfecting the domestic craft as only a dad can. I am constantly learning new things from my kids and they certainly give me plenty to write about. Hopefully, you can smile, laugh with and at me, and maybe learn something about parenting along the way as well.

I am also passionate about creative and professional writing. In addition to parenting, I have dedicated a section of my blog to the writing craft. Follow me as I go through the journey of writing my first fiction novel.

Besides parenting and writing, I’ll also weave in other topics such as health and nutrition, home improvement (i.e. finding new places to hide the toys), technology, and education. Fun and surprises await. I’d love to see your comments! Be sure to get involved!

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