Alright Washing Machine, this is Getting Real Now

Another year, another dead washing machine. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say dead. Demonic possession or vindictive self-awareness may be more appropriate. For instance, it has decided that locking the lid while running is now optional most of the time. Yet, sometimes it will play mind games with me and lock the lid just before I go to check if it has actually done something and then unlock as soon as I have finished cursing it and the lives of its unborn children made from its recycled parts. Continue reading

Week 1 in Review

For those of you that have followed me on my personal Facebook page, please bear with me as you have seen some of this before.

Adjusting to a New Management Style


Remember how I told you that my new boss was a micromanager? She apparently felt the need to inspect the bottom rack of the dishwasher to ensure I unloaded it properly. I was told later that she could have broken the door by sitting on it. See, I’m learning already! Continue reading