Alright Washing Machine, this is Getting Real Now

Another year, another dead washing machine. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say dead. Demonic possession or vindictive self-awareness may be more appropriate. For instance, it has decided that locking the lid while running is now optional most of the time. Yet, sometimes it will play mind games with me and lock the lid just before I go to check if it has actually done something and then unlock as soon as I have finished cursing it and the lives of its unborn children made from its recycled parts. Continue reading

New Stay-at-home Dad Initiation: Taking the Kids to Target

Venturing Out

Generally, when I decide to do something, I prefer to dive in head-first and really commit to it. The wife had tasked me with doing something about organization in the kids’ bathroom (more on that later). So, what better way to be initiated (broken) into the world of stay-at-home parenting than a 9 AM trip to Target with a one and two year old? Please be advised that this section is not meant to offend anyone (it really isn’t particularly offensive), I’m mostly making fun of myself, and it’s all meant in good fun. Continue reading