Active Dad at Home Diet: the Secret to Weight Loss and Healthy Eating is not a Secret

A conversation I had with the cashier at the grocery store this morning has inspired me to write what will be the first of several posts specifically about diet and nutrition. She noticed that I was purchasing Mexican Coke and asked me if it tasted better than regular Coke (US version). I told her that it does, but the main reason I choose the Mexican version is because it uses more natural ingredients than the US version. Most notably, it uses actual sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Continue reading

One Kid’s Trash is Another Kid’s Snack and Lunchbox Wars: the Case of the Exploding Yogurt

One thing that I have learned as a parent of four kids is that just when I think that I have seen every weird behavior, strange personality quirk, or an insurmountably bizarre act coming from my baby/toddler, the next baby/toddler is always able to prove me wrong by raising the bar over his or her predecessors and taking weirdness to the next level.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that Clare (1) has managed to do this, though I should still probably be embarrassed to admit it. So, my sweet, adorable baby girl has an obsession with garbage and garbage cans. No matter where we are – home, neighbor’s house, restaurant, store, DOCTOR’S OFFICE – if there is a garbage can to be found, she will find it. Continue reading