Craft of Writing: Let the Reader’s Imagination Do the Heavy Lifting

I rarely re-blog (in fact this is my first time), but this gem from The Daily Post contains excellent advice regarding two opposing stances: the thorough descriptive author vs. the author that prefers leaving most of the imagining up the reader. Which type of author are you?

Personally, I like well described settings and scenes, but I also know they can hinder fast-paced action. As a writer, I try to be somewhere in the middle, but if I lean toward one side, it would be the descriptive.

The Daily Post

This is the kind of flowery I can get behind. (Flowery Piano by Andreas (CC BY-SA 2.0) This is the kind of flowery we can get behind. Flowery Piano by Andreas(CC BY-SA 2.0)

In storytelling, description and detail translate what’s in your imagination into scenes and images in the reader’s mind. Can bloated description detract from your work, fill your reader’s brain with too much information, and distract them from the story? The answer is yes. In today’s post we’ll look at how to know when enough is enough.

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