What’s in the Box?

Active dad is feeling a little under the weather today, so it seems like a perfect time to crank out a new blog post. Speaking of feeling under the weather, why is it that every time the wife goes out of town and dad is left to manage all four kids solo, at least one person (often times more than one) must get sick? The wife traveling for work always results in sleep deprivation and extra messes for dad to clean. This time is no exception as both dad and Cam (6) decided now would be the perfect time to get sick. Of course, dad radar kicks in and I have to wake up at least once an hour overnight to make sure everyone is OK and that no one has left me any surprises. Continue reading

Active Dad at Home Diet: the Secret to Weight Loss and Healthy Eating is not a Secret

A conversation I had with the cashier at the grocery store this morning has inspired me to write what will be the first of several posts specifically about diet and nutrition. She noticed that I was purchasing Mexican Coke and asked me if it tasted better than regular Coke (US version). I told her that it does, but the main reason I choose the Mexican version is because it uses more natural ingredients than the US version. Most notably, it uses actual sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Continue reading