Mostly Humble Beginnings

Due to popular demand (i.e. my mother-in-law) and much encouragement from my lovely wife, I have decided to start blogging my adventures (read misadventures) as I embark on my new career. For the better part of the last decade, I have worked in the field of IT consulting as a project manager, resource manager, and training developer. Now I have decided to pursue a new career opportunity, one in which I have had years of training and experience, and offers a remote work policy and excellent benefits package. With that said, I felt it best to start off by introducing you to my new boss.


Now, I’ve had challenging bosses at previous employers – and before you jump all over me for this – know that behind this cute and unassuming exterior is a real tyrant. Well, not really, but I’m trying build up some dramatic effect here. However, she is quite a stickler for schedules and she gives a new meaning to the word micromanagement.

This is a family run business, which of course, is riddled with favoritism, backstabbing, corruption, and diapers. Meet the rest of the leadership team:


Scary group, I know.

Before making the decision to blog, I researched other blogs (if asking my wife about the blogs she reads and skimming a few of them before writing this post counts) and looked for advice from friends. My wife, Sarah, had probably the best pearl of wisdom to impart, “Write as if no one is reading it because no one probably will anyway.” Masked behind these endearing spousal words of encouragement is the message to just be myself and enjoy the process. Well, I think so anyway.

Either way, creating this blog is fine with me on three accounts. First, I am a professional writer (the piece of paper hanging on the wall says so) and this will give me an outlet to keep writing during the stay-at-home dad (SAHD) era of my career. Plus, I’m pretty good at writing (this is where the mostly humble idea comes into play). Note: this is not an invitation for the grammar police; it is a blog after all. Second, I express myself far better through the written word than through the spoken one. Third, it will allow others to experience all of the things I never would have expected in the world of stay-at-home parenting (i.e. laugh at all the techniques my kids employ to drive me crazy), see the projects I am working on at home, offer advice or a shoulder to cry on when they go awry, and maybe learn a few things (even if it’s through my mistakes).

There are some ground rules that I have set for myself with this blog (I am just talking to myself here):

  1. Avoid the political soapbox. I like my friends and want to keep them.
  2. Avoid overly long posts. This was one thing that drove me crazy during my brief research of other blogs. Yes, I realize that I have already broken this rule (overwhelmingly so in this case). I’m just setting the groundwork here, people.
  3. Talk about things that are interesting, funny, and/or useful.
  4. Do not be overly witty because I will never be as funny as I think I am. This was more advice from Sarah if you couldn’t tell. I will probably fail miserably in this regard.
  5. Take advice from readers (if there are any) and actually use it.
  6. Allow myself to break the rules should the need dictate, but try really hard to avoid doing so.

I am immediately following up this post with a separate post covering the highlights from my first week on the SAHD job. I originally had the two posts combined, but was advised that each was too long. Who am I to argue?

Thanks for reading.

Until next time – Chris (Active dad at home)

3 thoughts on “Mostly Humble Beginnings

    • DarMom says:

      I love it too. I enjoy hearing about mygrandchildren. I think I will award you points for the first week, the shoes make me crazy too.

  1. Enjoyed the post and welcome to the world of blogging about our experiences as Dads. I also started blogging about my observations and experiences of being a dad not long ago. Looking forward to seeing more.

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