AA Batteries: the Next Big Thing

I am going to start with a brief update regarding my knee, but then quickly move onto more entertaining news (i.e. stories about my kids). I know that the last post was a little bit of a whine-fest, and I’ve done plenty more whining about it offline (just ask the wife), so no need to repeat here. To the point, I have a bucket-handle tear of my right medial meniscus (cartilage in the knee). It requires surgery to remove the torn region as that part of the meniscus cannot typically be repaired due to a lack of blood flow.

So, the net result will be less cartilage in my knee and some lifestyle adjustments as a result, namely finding ways to exercise other than running. This will be the most difficult part for me as running has become a real catalyst for the healthier lifestyle that I began two years ago.

Going Cold Turkey on His DVD Addiction

So, we finally had to take Grayson’s precious DVD collection from him as too many of the DVDs had become broken or unplayable. I considered trying to ween him off, but for the most part, I took all the working ones away and let him keep the broken ones. I will give him a lot of credit; he did whine about wanting them for about two days, but then he more-or-less got over it.

However, he has seemed to find an even stranger fixation. The batteries in several of his Thomas engines had died, so I showed him the process of how to dismantle the toys and replace the batteries. Big mistake. And when I say dismantle, I mean just that because it would have been too easy for the tops of the trains to pop off in order to access the battery compartment. No, instead each has to be unscrewed every time the battery goes out.

Granted, individually this is just a minor annoyance. However, now that Grayson has discovered the joys of switching out the batteries, he wants me to do it all the time! It really doesn’t matter that the battery is still new and the toy works fine.These small details really don’t factor into a three-year-old’s mind.

What’s worse is that he has six or so of these engines that have this feature, and we play hot potato with the batteries, replacing one and then taking the removed battery and moving it into the next train. In fact, as I sit here trying to type this post, I have switched out the batteries in all of his trains at least once.

Here he is getting mad at me for trying to take his picture when I should have been switching the batteries:

Nov 22 2013 039

He has also started carrying around the batteries just as he did with the DVDs. He has not yet gotten to the point where he cuddles and sleeps with them, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

And don’t even think about touching his batteries or his trains or be prepared to face his wrath. We have all learned this the hard way. He is extremely protective of them, it seems. Touch them and you will get screamed at, even if you accidentally kicked the line of trains he has placed on the kitchen floor right next to the table. Don’t even think about moving them either. Apparently, even though this is major thoroughfare in the house, it is a totally acceptable location to play with and store trains when not in use.

Clare is the worst offender because she doesn’t seem to understand that Grayson maintains sole ownership of the trains and passes all judgments to anyone that would violate his unwritten rules. So, anytime a “Nooooooooo! Claaaaaaaaaaaaaare!” is heard, we all know that she has violated the sacred code and tried to play with one of the trains.

However, Clare is not one to take verbal abuse without giving it out in return. So, she has started to yell “Claaaaaaaaare!” right back at him, which does make for a rather comical exchange. There’s nothing like a one-year-old mocking a three-year-old. It makes me smile. Don’t judge me.

Health and Nutrition: Find New Meal Ideas

I must say that I have started to really enjoy finding new recipes on allrecipes.com. In the past few weeks, I have made several new meals including pasta fagioli (Italian soup), creamy-Dijon tarragon chicken, and black bean burritos to name a few (yes, I have made burritos before, but this was a really good vegetarian recipe). They were all very good, but the tarragon chicken was my favorite. It was delicious. Here are some of the results:

Creamy-Dijon Tarragon Chicken

Nov 22 2013 015 

Pasta Fagioli

Nov 7 2013 068

Until next time – Chris (active dad at home)

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